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Dishui Lake 80m landscape belt with 7 bridges

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Project Data


Harbour City Group


80m landscape belt around Dishui Lake in Shanghai Lingang Area


Design           2015-2018 
Construction 2019-2020


Span 40m-70m 



Design · Supervisor

Architect: Universidad Europea de Madrid (Lead architect: Pedro Pablo Arroyo Alba)
General Coordinator: CA-GROUP


Construction Drawing Cooperation: ECADI
Construction Site Supervision: Pedro Pablo Arroyo Alba Studio, CA-GROUP
Construction: SCG, SHPJ

The scheme design for the seven landscaped bridges around the Dishui Lake landscape belt
is based on an analysis of the base around the Dishui Lake
and a response to an already completed public project.

The initial point of its need was to provide a coherent path
for the park along the seven river channels.

It is also necessary to satisfy the need to integrate the concept of each service area,
the character of the surrounding buildings and, in particular, the natural environment,

As nature, horizon, sky, sun, stars, water, light, reflections, etc. 

The design of each bridge is therefore a response to its surroundings.

It provides more than a single function of crossing the water.

It is a dialogue with the form of the neighbourhood

This in turn creates a special architectural environment. 

Each bridge is a special node in the lagoon of Dripping Lake.

Like each pearl in a necklace.

Their essential quality is that each bridge has an individual design concept.

The core of the structure and the measured scale of the bridge.

In addition, they all belong to the public space and serve the public.


Furthermore, each unique location gives each bridge its own personality, shape, colour and form.

The seven bridges, from each viewpoint,
surround and gaze out over the lake.

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset, watch the alternation of day and night,
linger in and out of the lake and the sea,
and stand constantly between heaven and earth.

The seven bridges create seven different perspectives from which to view and explore the lake.

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