Lie flat or fight? How does Tadao Ando choose?

Interview with Tadao Ando | Responding to the world with architecture

Interview with Tadao Ando and his Chinese partner Weidong Ma, revealing more about Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando: Finding textured light between black and white

Youth | Despite having five internal organs removed, I am still the 'immortal' Tadao Ando

These locations, interpreting Tadao Ando's youth

Ma Weidong: Tadao Ando and architectural design in my eyes

Tadao Ando Beijing Exhibition with VERA WANG, the queen of wedding dresses, to fulfill a limited wedding dream!

We interviewed Tadao Ando, but didn't want to talk about architecture

Fair-faced concrete poet, Japanese architect Tadao Ando: let joy, optimism, benevolence fill the architectural space and let youth live forever

32 Years after He Wowed the World with the "Church of Light", He Decided to Build A New One in China

Tadao Ando's Message to Youth: No Matter How Hard It Is, Don't Give Up on Survival

71 pictures take you to Tadao Ando's Beijing exhibition

'Tadao Ando exhibition - Youth -' attracting 150,000 visitors in Shanghai, then heads to China's capital city Beijing!

The 'fighter' architect Tadao Ando: If I have a talent, it is to never give up

Youth at 80: A conflicted Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando: After two major operations and the removal of five internal organs, he still wants to do "what he finds interesting from the bottom of his heart"

Tadao Ando World Tour Exhibition Beijing Station: Awakening 'Youth plus' by this Thick and Young City

Tadao Ando's 'Youth' exhibition opens for one month, a very simple reason for must-see

Interview with Tadao Ando: Architecture should not become something to be consumed

Tadao Ando: You only live once, so do what you find interesting from the bottom of your heart

Youth | Tadao Ando Touring Exhibition Beijing

In-depth Interview | Ma Weidong, from student of Tadao Ando to his Chinese partner

Japanese architect Tadao Ando experiences China with design

Tadao Ando, 80 years old, recreates his youth in China

The Spiritual World of Tadao Ando

Leaving aside the flow, Ando's "youth" is a state of mind

Tadao Ando: Betting on the only remaining possibility, moving forward in the shadows

Fifty Years as an Architect, Tadao Ando - Youth Beijing Exhibition

Meet, Tadao Ando.

Tadao Ando's global touring exhibition spanning half a century tells you what it means to be 80 years old and "the power of youth"!

Tadao Ando exhibition built 3 houses in Beijing, 80 years old youth is the purest youth

In the name of 'Youth', Tadao Ando still has a lot of 'unanswered questions'

Tadao Ando exhibition in Beijing: A look back at the legendary life and work of a master architect

Enter Tadao Ando's 'Meditation Space' in Paris through 'wind, light, water, and poem'

Exhibitions | Tadao Ando's Retrospective in Beijing

Tadao Ando's 'three masterpieces of his career' gathered in Beijing, the original version reproduced!

2 minutes video to see the exhibition 'Tadao Ando: Youth' in an immersive way

Tadao Ando's global touring exhibition 'Youth' showcases the infinite beauty of architecture

The famous 'Church of Light' comes to Beijing, Tadao Ando's most comprehensive retrospective to date opens

The unknown Tadao Ando: twins, only 26 people in the office, cancerous viscera removed, highly emotional translator...

Tadao Ando: 'Youth' is a spirit

Decided! The 5th stop of Tadao Ando's global tour exhibition will be in Beijing on October 12!

Tadao Ando's new work 'Chapel of Song' lands in Shenzhen; Beijing exhibition opening soon

Tadao Ando built the final chapter of his auditorium in China

80-year-old Tadao Ando's youthful poetry: Chunmuyuan Chapel of Song

Chapel of Song | How can architecture feed the spirit? Tadao Ando gives an answer to the Greater Bay Area

Chunmuyuan and Tadao Ando launch 'Chapel of Song', mapping the multi-faceted light of the Bay Area era

In-depth Analysis of 'Chapel of Song' | What is the spiritual architecture that belongs to the Greater Bay Area?

Join us at 3pm to connect with Tadao Ando!

The four-part series "Auditorium" officially landed in Chunmuyuan; 'Green Apple' started its journey in the town

Chunmuyuan x Tadao Ando: Constructing a "chapel of song" with spiritual chords

In-depth Report | After welcoming Tadao Ando's 'Chapel of Song' in the Greater Bay Area, we try to find the spiritual origin

80 years old, always creating, continuously exporting, no intention to retire

To Tadao Ando Forever Young

Tadao Ando: The Dual Power of Architecture and Art

Tadao Ando 'Endeavors' and 'Beyond'

Limited time 4 months! Tadao Ando's China double exhibition explodes, the most comprehensive viewpoints of Shanghai and Shunde

Conversation with Tadao Ando: It is a good thing that people have distress and uneasiness in their lives

80-year-old Tadao Ando, why did he come to China?

Wallpaper talks to Tadao Ando: Just keep being young and full of challenges

Art Contemporary Dialogue | Tadao Ando: Creating Architecture that Lives in the Depths of Memory

Special Feature | Tadao Ando's "Endeavors": Those Failed and On-going Cultural and Art Buildings

Beyond 'Challenge': An anecdote of Tadao Ando and the artists

Tadao Ando throws a giant green apple at you ......

To review to dream and youth, 80-year-old Tadao Ando presents 'Green Apple' to Shanghai

Dialogue|Tadao Ando: Residence closest to human life is the origin of architecture

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